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How Do I Make An Animated Subscribe Button for YouTube?

How to Make An Animated Subscribe Button for YouTube

You finally finished editing your latest YouTube video. What took hours to film and edit has finally gotten your stamp of approval and you are ready to hit that export button when all of a sudden you find yourself asking, “How do I make an animated subscribe button for YouTube channel?

YouTube subscribe button animations are used by all major and growing YouTube channels, and for a good reason; they convert your occasional viewers into loyal subscribers! A simple call to action goes a long way when you are just starting out your channel, so don’t forget to create one for yourself and use it in your next video.

To make your own custom animated subscribe button for YouTube, simply open up After Effects and create a new composition. Then add a rectangle shape layer with a fill color of YouTube red. Using the text tool, create a text layer with the word, “Subscribe” and place it above the shape layer. Make the text fill color white. Then animate your subscribe button to your heart’s content.

If you are new to After Effects it may be beneficial to watch a few beginner tutorials before you jump in. Don’t worry, it’s really straight forward once you get into it. I have compiled a list of other editing software programs you can use to create your very own custom YouTube subscribe button animation.

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I’ve researched and compiled a list of 6 ways to make an animated subscribe button for YouTube using these tools:

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