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Top 10 Countdown Pro Sports Package

In this article we’ll cover the basics of creating a top selling motion graphics overlay for Premiere Pro editors. We’ll share the whole process from researching what sports broadcast editors are looking for all the way to compositing, preparing the final deliverables, and selling your hard work on Ae template sites to make passive income as a motion designer.

Top 10 videos get views. Plain and simple. Some of the top channels on YouTube are built solely on top ten related content. The reason they do so well is because it’s easy click bait and viewers will watch to the end. It’s also an easy way to get started as a content creator or a YouTube channel looking to highlight Patrick Mahome’s insanely talented skills on the field.

At the same time, it’s the easiest and quickest asset to create for someone who’s thinking about selling stock motion graphics assets. That was my line of thinking when it really comes down to it.

Behind the scenes – How to create a top ten sports graphics

First things first, always plan out your strategy. What is your end goal and work backwards from there.

For me, it all started at the creation of SkyhookFX. This site was built as a marketplace for motion designers to buy and sell their work at a premium rate while maintaining a significantly higher commission rate than other sites. As a designer I want freelancers and full-timers to have the ability to make an additional stream of income while in between jobs.

Top 10 Countdown Pro Sports Package was the first product I created because it seemed like a simple enough project to create and turn around. Really, all you’re doing is creating the basic animation and create 9 more variations of that same scene, piece of cake!

Plus, I had seen countless countdown videos and overlays from stock sites like Video Hive and Motion Array that weren’t the best quality, looked similar to each other, and were super cheap. I knew I could create a higher quality version that looks and feels like a sports broadcast overlay and perhaps charge a bit more.

Research and Inspiration

I began researching what was selling the most in the past year, the styles I personally liked, and what other motion designers had been producing. Since SkyhookFX is naturally a sports leaning website I opted for following after the Top 10 Sports Countdown style you would typically see on ESPN or Sports Center. After a mere 10 seconds on YouTube I came across this incredible reel from Ukramedia.

Inspiration for this countdown really comes form Ukramedia’s Graphics Package for Fox Sports a few years ago. This insanely cool design style transforms the way we view sports. Everything from transitions, team logos, and player stat cards are carefully handcrafted to look as cool and informative as possible.

Great work from the team over at Ukramedia.

Development Phase

The storyboard phase was basically reverse engineering one of the transitions from the video above, highlighting the pacing, overall mood, and legibility.

The next step was creating the basic design and animation in Cinema 4D. I used C4D with Redshift. For such a big impact these overlays have in a real sports broadcast, it amazes me at actually how simple the set up is behind the scenes.

Top 10 Countdown wireframe behind the scenes

After nailing down the opening transition and the first number for the countdown, the rest was simply creating the variations needed to finish the countdown, adding them to the render queue in C4D and let it sit overnight.

Compositing Phase

I then took all the png sequences I kicked out of C4D and brought them into After Effects for compositing.

I kicked out more passes than I ended up needing, but I’d rather have more than I need than not enough.

Top 10 Countdown BTS Breakdown
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Depth Of Field
  • Shadows
  • Reflections
  • Puzzle Mattes
  • Final

I then create a proof of concept just to make sure everything is working as it should.

Behind the scenes timeline in After Effects for Top 10 Countdown Pro Sports Package proof of concept

Optimizing for Stock Sites

In total I created 10 countdown clips, one opener clip, and one simple transition clip. I collected this package of overlays and zipped them up for upload to several stock sites.

This package includes one Top 10 intro video and ten additional countdown motion graphics assets to show off you or your client’s top ten highlights from a game or highlight reel.
This package also includes a simple transition clip.

You can see the final product here: Motion Array, Video Hive, and SkyhookFX.

Thanks for reading

You made it to the end! Thanks for reading about my work process.

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