Upload Rules


At this time, we are only able to accept experienced vendors. In order to help us better assess your experience, please be prepared to provide links to previous work, work listed on other marketplaces, and any other relevant materials to your experience. Please do not submit work until you are ready to provide proof of quality working experience.

Often times the standard upload function on the edit product page will not be sufficient for final product .zip files. If that is the case, we recommend you use FTP to upload your project files. Learn more about using FTP to upload here.

As soon as you have a verified account, we will set up an FTP account for you. Simply use FileZilla or other FTP software and input the settings outlined in the FTP uploads page.

After you have successfully uploaded your product via FTP you will need to create a new product listing in your vendor dashboard. After you have saved the initial product information you will be directed to the “Edit Product” page where you can attach your product .zip file. When configuring downloadable product settings (on “Edit Product” page), it’s best to input the file path (File URL) directly vs using the choose file button. Type in “https://www.skyhookfx.com/vendor/yourstorename/productname.zip” and hit save when you are done.
This is only possible if you have already uploaded your product .zip via FTP.
You can edit all settings at any time.

Please make sure you carefully follow the information below before uploading.


Please make sure you carefully follow the information below before uploading.

1- You must be the sole creator of everything you upload, with the exception of placeholder media and music for preview videos. This includes, but is not limited to, textures, images, and/or footage for the final download. This does not include placeholder media for template previews, but they must be removed from the product before the final upload. 

2. You may not copy anything from existing work. This includes your own work or anyone else’s. Copying means taking layers, parts, or ideas from your own products and reusing them, or building a product that is a replica or mimic of some other piece of work already out in the world. It is good to look for inspiration. But, anything that appears to be a copy will be rejected and can result in account suspension or a complete ban. We have a zero-tolerance policy on this. So, please take it seriously.

3- Do not submit derivatives. A previously approved project can NOT be modified and submitted as a new asset. You can submit an asset created for one software category, into another software category. For example, an approved Premiere Pro Template can be rebuilt for Final Cut Pro and submitted as a new product, but you must not submit derivatives to similar categories. Evidence of derivatives will result in a suspension or a complete ban.

4- Only submit your best work. We aim to bring the best assets to our subscribers, and it will benefit you to present your best work. If your products are rejected often, your account may be subject to suspension and eventual termination.

5- Only use standard Western characters in submissions. When submitting assets, all included files and filenames should only use standard Western characters. Characters from non-Western alphabets like Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, etc. as well as characters with accents and special symbols will not be accepted. Continued submissions with special or non-Western characters may result in a suspension of submissions in the future.

We appreciate your help in creating the best possible experience for everyone involved with SkyhookFX. We believe that following these rules will help you earn more money and keep customers happy.


After Effects Template Upload Instructions

  1. Sole Creator: You must be the sole creator of everything you upload, with the exception of placeholder media and music for preview videos.
    1. This includes, but is not limited to, textures, images, and/or footage for the final download.
    2. This does not include placeholder media for previews, but they must be removed from the project before the final upload. (Please see section 6 regarding placeholders.)
  2. After Effects Versions: After Effects templates should be saved in the version that they are initially created for.
    1. Some project elements, like expressions, can break when projects are built in newer versions of After Effects, but saved for older versions.
    2. Do not submit templates saved for older After Effects versions, unless the template is completely created in that version of After Effects.
  3. Project Structure: The project structure needs to be exactly the same as the sample project in the After Effects Template example package.
    1.  The editable items need to live in a “Text” or “Images” folder.
    2. The composition should be similar in size to the text or image (no small text in big compositions. This consistency is crucial for customers.
  4. Logos: If your template uses logos, you must use generic logos. A set of generic logos are included in the example package. You are welcome to use these logos.
  5. Music: You must use music from SkyhookFX (coming soon) or an approved source in your template’s preview.
  6. Placeholders: Please only use placeholder media images and video from the sites listed below.
    1. PexelsPixabayUnsplashGratisography
    2. assets from the SkyhookFX library that you have a license to use
    3. Actual placeholder media should not be included in the final upload.
  7. Fonts: Adobe Fonts are preferred in After Effects templates, as these will auto-sync for users when they open the project. Any non-Adobe fonts used need to be available for free. No paid fonts (aside from Adobe Fonts) are allowed in your projects.
    1. Actual font files should not be included in the final upload.
    2. Links to the fonts are required when using non-Adobe Fonts.
    3. When not using Adobe fonts, we suggest using free font sites like DaFont or Font Squirrel.
  8. Tutorials: You must include a video tutorial specific to your After Effects template using tools like FlashBack or Loom
    1. The video tutorial must be bespoke to your template and include importing images, editing, text, logos and any other main features of your template. Please convert your video tutorial into an .mp4, compress, and reduce the resolution size (target size 10MB or less).
    2. Include the generic SkyhookFX After Effects template/preset instructions PDF in the package as well.
  9. Download Package: The template’s download package must be structured like the example download package and include…
    1. the After Effects project
    2. a “Fonts” folder (when using non-Adobe fonts) which should include…
      1.  a text document containing links to where the fonts can be downloaded
    3. a “Help” folder which should include…
      1.  the video tutorial specific to the template you are uploading.
      2.  the generic SkyhookFX After Effects template/preset instructions PDF
      3.  a text document referencing where placeholder media can be found if any placeholder media is used in the preview
        1.  If using placeholder media from SkyhookFX, please include direct product links to media used.
        2.  If using placeholder media from other sites, just listing the general site URLs is acceptable.
  10. .Zip Format: The download package must be compressed and in .zip format. All project folders should have the same name as the main file and title of an item.
    1. .Zip file name
      1. Must include SkyhookFX_ at the start, followed by the product name.
      2. Zip file name must NOT contain any spaces. You can use underscores, dashes or no spacing at all.
        • No: SkyhookFX_Top 10 Countdown_Pro Sports Package.zip
        • Yes: SkyhookFX_Top10Countdown_ProSportsPackage.zip
        • Yes: SkyhookFX_Top10CountdownProSportsPackage.zip
        • Yes: SkyhookFX_Top-10-Countdown-Pro-Sports-Package.zip

Stock Motion Graphics Upload Instructions

Sole Creator: You must be the sole creator of everything you upload.

This includes, but is not limited to, textures, images, and/or footage for the final video.

Resolution: Files should be a minimum of 1920×1080, free of noise and artifacts. 4K resolution or higher is preferred.

Asset Types: We accept animated elements such as transitions, lower-thirds, video overlays, framing devices, and backgrounds.

Assets can include an embedded alpha channel.

Assets can include individually rendered mattes included in the download package.

Because of the transition to 64-bit technology, we will no longer be accepting PNG Quicktime, JPG (JPEG) Quicktime, or similar.

ProRes codecs are preferred; do not submit H.264.

Similar renders, such as alternate colors, should be presented and combined into multi-clip packs.

Preview Video: You do not need to include a watermark in the preview video. Video watermarks are generated automatically by our system.

Accepted Formats: Individual assets can be uploaded as a .mov or .mp4 file and do not require being added to a .zip folder. If the submission is a cohesive pack of several files, please ensure that the download package is compressed in .zip folder. All items, variations, and edits from the main file should have the same name as the title of an item.