FTP Upload

SkyhookFX supports FTP uploading for faster and more reliable uploads of large and multiple files. You can upload project .zip files and .mp4 promo videos via FTP.

Please note: you will need to have an FTP client installed before following the processes below. We recommend FileZilla’s FTP client and have documented the process using this third-party software. However, you may be more familiar with and are welcome to use an alternative FTP client.

You’ll need a secret key to use as your password for FTP upload. If you haven’t got this yet, simply:
– Visit https://www.skyhookfx.com/request-key/
– Be sure you are logged in to your vendor account
– Use phrase “needthesekeys” to unlock the request key input fields
– Fill out the required input fields
– Click Request Key
– You will then receive an email with your key within 24hrs. Keep this key on hand for future uploads.

Please follow this process for uploading your project files and promo videos.

1. Open your FTP client and enter the following details:

  • Host: ftp.backwoodlegend.com
  • Username: [your SkyhookFX username@skyhookfx.com] (this is case-sensitive)
  • Password: [your SkyhookFX secret key]
  • Port: 21
  • Encryption: Use explicit FTP over TLS
  • Click ‘Connect‘ or your FTP client equivalent.

2. Drag your files into the upload area of the FTP client. Do not remove or edit any existing files.

3. Wait for your files to process, and then close your FTP client.

4. After your files have been successfully uploaded, our team will review your assets and will email you as soon as your files have been approved.